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Injection Mold Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

V1 MOLD is a leading supplier of high-quality injection molds and molding components for automotive applications. We have over 20 years of experience helping vehicle manufacturers improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve manufacturing excellence.


We offer molds and molded parts for various exterior and interior automotive components, such as:

  • Bumpers: Including front bumpers, rear bumpers, and side bumper corners. Materials includes TPO, PP, ABS, etc.
  • Fenders: Front fenders and rear fenders. Materials includes TPO, PP, ABS, etc.
  • Grilles: Main grilles, lower grilles, fog lamp grilles. Materials includes TPO, PP, ABS, etc.
  • Door panels: Full door panels, door upper panels, door cup holders, storage pockets, etc. Materials includes PVC, PP, ABS, etc.
  • Instrument panels: Complete IP modules, IP bezels, air vents, glove boxes, etc. Materials includes PP, ABS, PC/ABS, etc.
  • Various interior trim components: From floor consoles, seat back trays, to sun visor holders and more. Materials includes various plastics and composites.

We employ advanced production technology including rapid heat cycle molding, two-color/two-material injection, insert molding, and Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing. Supported by simulation software and 3D printing, we provide customers with highly efficient product design and tooling solutions.

V1 MOLD is headquartered in China with a manufacturing base of over 50,000 square meters. We combine skilled craftsmanship, premium mold steels, and automation to achieve an annual production capacity of 15,000 sets of high-quality injection molds and over 100 million molded components.

We are dedicated to empowering our customers with innovative and cost-competitive molding solutions so they can improve productivity, drive growth, and shape the future. Our vision is to continue supporting the advancement of the global automotive industry through best-in-class technology, products, and service.

V1 MOLD - By Providing Premium Molds and Innovative Molding Solutions