Automotive Bumper Molds-002

Premium Automotive Bumper Molds by V1 MOLD

For over 20 years, V1 MOLD has been dedicated to designing and producing high-quality automotive bumper molds for leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide. We are committed to innovation, precision, and customer service.
Our Expertise:
•Advanced production equipment: We use the latest CNC machines, EDM wire cutters, grinders, and more to ensure high precision and efficiency.
•Premium materials: We only use the best mold steels to guarantee durability and performance.
•Skilled craftsmanship: Our experienced mold makers adhere to the highest standards to deliver molds with exceptional quality.
•Rigorous quality control: We thoroughly test all our molds to meet the strict requirements of automotive OEMs before delivery.
•Cost-effectiveness: We help customers lower mold costs through value engineering and optimized product design.
Our Products:
We manufacture bumper molds for various vehicles including sedans, SUVs, MPVs, new energy vehicles, and more. Our annual capacity reaches up to 30,000 high-quality automotive bumper molds.
Our Service:
•Technical support: We provide support to resolve any issues with our molds during production.
•Partnership: We establish long-term partnerships with automotive brands through premium molds, reliable service, and competitive pricing.
•Innovation: We stay ahead of trends by improving our expertise in areas such as simulation and 3D printing. Our goal is to develop molds that meet the latest requirements.
After over 20 years of dedication, V1 MOLD has become a trusted name for high-quality and cost-effective automotive bumper molds. We aim to keep perfecting our craft to help automotive brands achieve manufacturing excellence.