Automotive Bumper Molds-003

Premium Automotive Exterior Trim Molds from V1 MOLD

V1 MOLD specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality injection molds for automotive exterior trims. With our advanced production technology and mature mold making process, we have earned the trust of major vehicle brands over our 20+ years of experience.


We are dedicated to producing molds for components such as bumpers, fenders, grilles, spoilers, air vents, wheel covers, and more. Our molds are highly sophisticated and manufactured with the latest injection molding techniques. We use premium mold steels and seamlessly integrate innovative solutions such as rapid heat cycle molding, two-color/two-material injection, and insert molding.

Equipped with CNC machining centers, EDM wire cutters, high-precision grinders, and more, our factory represents the cutting edge of mold making technology. Our skilled mold makers adhere to the highest standards to ensure exceptional quality and the utmost precision. All products go through rigorous testing before delivery to meet the strict requirements of automotive OEMs.

With a proven track record of premium quality, high efficiency, and competitive pricing, V1 MOLD has earned the trust of many vehicle manufacturers as a preferred supplier of exterior trim molds. We help customers lower production costs through innovative product design and value engineering. Our goal is to empower brands with state-of-the-art mold solutions so they can achieve manufacturing excellence and compete on a global scale.

Headquartered in China, V1 MOLD combines advanced technology, skilled craftsmanship, and over two decades of experience to deliver high-performance injection molds at a lower cost. We are dedicated to supporting the growth and competitiveness of the global automotive industry through trusted partnerships, premium products, and reliable service.

V1 MOLD - Premium Automotive Exterior Trim Molds. Made in China, Trusted Worldwide.