The Essential 3D Printing Consumables to Enhance Your Prints

The Essential 3D Printing Consumables to Enhance Your Prints3D printing technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade, allowing anyone to turn their digital designs into physical objects with the help of a desktop 3D printer. However, the quality, accuracy, and aesthetics of your 3D printed objects depend not just on the printer, but also on using the right printing consumables. Here are some of the must-have consumables for 3D printing.3D Printing Filaments
Filament is the thermoplastic material that is melted and extruded layer-by-layer to create the 3D printed object. ABS and PLA are the most commonly used filament materials. The diameter, material composition, color, quality, and even brand of the filament can significantly impact the overall printing results. Investing in good quality filament from reputable brands ensures smooth extrusion and printing.Print Bed Surfaces
The print bed surface is where the first layer of the print adheres to start the printing process. Different types of bed surfaces like glass, PEI sheets, and BuildTak provide varying amount of adhesion. Using a bed surface that’s optimal for your specific filament results in prints that stick well during printing but can also be removed easily post-printing.Bed Adhesives
In addition to appropriate build surfaces, adhesives like glues, tapes, and magigoo can be applied on the print bed to make filament adhere optimally. This prevents warping. Magigoo and hairspray are popular adhesives for ABS while PVA glues work well for PLA. Apply these adhesives evenly on the bed before printing for flawless first layers.Rafts and Brims
Rafts are additional layers printed beneath the object and brims are extra filament printed around the base of the object. Both act as anchors to optimize bed adhesion. Rafts and brims prevent warping, especially when printing larger surface area objects, overhangs, and small parts. They provide stability and prevent detachment during printing.Finishing Supplies
Once printed, objects may have layer lines, strings, and rough surfaces. Sandpapers and files can be used to smooth the surfaces. Acetone vapor baths provide smoothening for ABS. Paints and coatings allow applying colors and textures. Resins can be poured to achieve clear finishes. Using appropriate finishing supplies improves aesthetics.With the right set of 3D printing consumables in place, you can enhance the quality of bed adhesion, accuracy of prints, and aesthetics of finished objects. Invest in quality consumables suited for your specific 3D printing setup for best results. 

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