V1 Mold Technology cost control skills big secret

For customers, a high-quality, low-priced mold can greatly reduce the finished product’s batch processing cost. As a result, mold cost control is an important part of customer satisfaction and construction; the most important factor influencing mold cost is whether the structure design is reasonable.This has a crucial impact on the level of mold R&D personnel in the precision die processing plant. By means of CAE analysis, the mold structure is optimized to save cost. Wei one to help customers optimize product structure, the development of the best molding program, and the most economical mode of production for the purpose.

Simultaneously, in order to fully understand the customer’s products and design structure, the vendor should not only communicate with the customer but also with the customer’s customers in order to avoid customer demand for products that are designed to change several times.Wei has accumulated 10 years of mold technology, and the R & D team accounted for about 30% of all the use of legitimate software. CAE’s professional analysis team, experienced design team, and customized products for customers optimize the program, shorten the period of listing, shorten the product development cycle, and improve the customer product qualification rate. design and development, manufacturing and processing company, assembly staff of 40% with college education or higher, and strong learning abilityWei one can reduce the cost increase due to the unreasonable design of the mold.

Therefore, V1 wants to remind you that in making the choice of a mold manufacturing enterprise, in addition to having the ability to inspect their processing equipment, you also need to study the mold development and design team’s mold analysis capabilities.


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