V1 joint with Japan’s TOYOTA automobile customer contract cooperatio

V1 recently reached a cooperative intention and successful signing with Japanese Toyota car customers.Daikin GREE, as a leading automotive mold manufacturer, offers professional production of automotive plastic injection molds and automotive stamping dies. with advanced equipment capabilities, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength, and strong production capacity.

V1 attention in the production of automotive plastic mold R & D and sales; service in more than 20 countries; many of the world’s top 500 enterprises; molds exported to Japan, Germany, Malaysia, France, India, and many other countries; mold production of finished products throughout the world; sophisticated quality, first-class technology, a world-renowned mold market; and more first-class manufacturing enterprises.

Until now, V1 Auto Parts mold has been used by customers for the production of automobiles; everything is running smoothly, and our customers are pleased with our products; we appreciate your company’s support and trust; we will continue to work hard and bring more good mold products to our customers. 


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