2K Injection Molding Services

V1 Mold Technology offers complete solutions to product developers in need of 2K injection molding services. We help them by providing them with 2K injection molding services as well as precise, premium 2K molds.

V1's Tooling Factory has extensive industry experience in creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and meet the technical requirements of manufacturing standards.

To make a product more aesthetically pleasing to the consumer, 2K Injection Molding Services can be used. They can also be used to design and add features to your products. As a result, 2K technologies have the potential to significantly lower part costs while improving mass production quality.

V1 Mold understands that 2K molds are complex and require a high level of expertise. We are ready to assist you with the 2K injection molding process to effectively shorten assembly time, combine different material properties, and finally create a solid bond between the materials in order to produce high-quality, long-lasting products.

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Superior adhesion increases toughness

When developing products, V1 Mold can help you at various stages and levels of complexity.

We possess the know-how, technical proficiency, and skill set necessary to combine plastics to create products with excellent adhesion and aesthetic appeal. This is accomplished by mixing various materials that have a powerful chemical bond together, increasing the product's durability.

One of the following two possibilities accounts for the two components' chemical bonding: either they merge into one another or the first component is made in such a way that the second component mechanically adheres to it.

The 2K injection molding procedure allows us to integrate a wide variety of options because the two materials' chemical bonding results in excellent adhesion.

Reduce Assembly Steps

Another benefit of the 2K injection molding process, in addition to the numerous aesthetic options and sophisticated design choices, is that it also designs for assembly, allowing for the elimination of an assembly step.

As a result, the product is produced at a low cost with a short lead time, and it also contributes to its more consistent development by reducing or even doing away with manual assembly entirely.

High-quality Internal Molds

At V1 Mold, we understand how important it is to follow the law in order to produce quality. Since we produce the molds internally, we have total control over the steel quality and mold testing. We are able to use all of the knowledge we have acquired over the past 20+ years to create 2K molds as a result.

We can also guarantee shorter lead times and incorporate any type of simple or minor modification that the mold may need by creating the molds internally. We also have the most recent versions of the drawings, and if necessary, we can make changes to the mold and give you extra parts.

V1 Mold guarantees that the replacement or spare parts will meet the required standards for quality.

We build our own molds instead of outsourcing the process, which eliminates the layer of communication errors that outsourcing sometimes brings with it.

Eliminate Design Issues

Our manufacturing knowledge and suggestions made during an early product design phase helped our clients save time and resources.

By collaborating early in the product design phase, we have eliminated common mistakes and minimized redesign issues that may develop due to complexity; as a result, we encourage manufacturers to work with us at this stage.

Regulations for the 2K Industry

We have ISO 9001:2015 certification for each of our factories. Our molds are manufactured in China. In addition, 2K Injection Molding Services are available in China.

The 2K injection molding procedure

When you want the plastic parts of your product to be formed out of two materials to improve the usability and aesthetics of the product, the 2K injection molding process is used. These two materials could have different colors or textures, giving you a plethora of options for customizing your product.

There are several advantages to using the 2K injection molding process. Some of these are as follows:

  • Because of the chemical bonding, the product is more durable.
  • The assembly step is optional.
  • Products can be customized to meet specific aesthetic needs.
  • There are numerous design and texture options available.
  • The 2K injection molding process can be completed with a single injection molding machine, significantly reducing manufacturing time.

Inquire about 2K molds and the process of 2K molding

V1 Mold is dedicated to providing the best product possible to our customers. V1 Mold places a premium on producing high-quality products with low manufacturing costs and short lead times.

Furthermore, we keep you informed through clear and timely communication.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how V1 Mold can assist you with the 2K injection molding process. We are looking forward to becoming your trusted tooling supplier and injection molding partner.

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