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Automobile die installation and debugging operation guide
Resource: “ 伟一模具科技有限公司
2022-07-22 17:13:31

Wei a mold is a specialized production automobile mould, auto mould, automotive stamping mold, Changan is located in the famous Chinese mould Town, is a modern company set car body inside and outside cover parts die, fixture, welding fixture design, manufacturing, stamping, processing as one of the.

What are the requirements for the installation and operation of automotive dies and specifications? Let's see:

1, for the purpose of regulating the mold installation, use and maintenance operation method, ensure the mold to meet the requirements in the process of installing and using, avoid the deviation in the mold installation and use and maintenance process, in good technical conditions, to meet the production, quality and process needs.

2, the scope of the company all the production mold installation, use, maintenance process.

3, power and responsibility

3.1 stamping workshop is responsible for the installation, use and maintenance of the mold in accordance with the operating procedures.

3.2 the manufacturing department is responsible for directing and urging the stamping workshop to install, use and maintain the molds in accordance with the operating procedures.

4, process

4.1. mold installation and adjustment must be trained to adjust the mold installation led to complete, any other person is banned. The die must be installed on the corresponding equipment specified in the stamping operation instruction;

4.2 car die before the installation installation work should be on the mold and bottom plane and the bench press, the plane slide debris, waste clean up and check whether there are items of super wide on both sides of the mold, to prevent mold into the press and press on both sides of the accident involving the dry bed;

4.3 single action drawing die, according to the "stamping work instruction" on the top rod diagram, select the top and the top position, put the top pole to be checked, to ensure the consistency of the location and length of the top;

4.4 when the mold is lifted to the press table, make sure that the center of the die is aligned with the center of the worktable of the press. After the mold is released, check the alignment between the mounting slot and the T groove of the press so as to facilitate installation.

4.5, adjust the installation height of the mold, strictly forbid to go down to the installation height for the first time;

4.6 the drawing die must adjust the top height of the ejector rod to the top

20-30mm test pole, the rod is correct, the air cushion will fall;

4.7 the surface contact with the mold slide open to slide bottom, automatic clamping device for clamping mold, automatic clamping device not with clamp bolt installed and locked under molded plate bolts can, don't lock;

4.8 slide to the top dead center, take the sample die out, take the pad on the lower limit device;

4.9 of the automobile mould carries out cleaning and lubrication, including lubricating oil applied to the guide column and a guide plate, a wedge sliding parts etc.;

4.10, fine adjustment of the mold height: put on the plate or new processes, the slider empty trip two times, the mold closed, locking the lower die plate bolts;

4.11 drawing die according to the "stamping operation instruction" requirements, adjust the press balance pressure value and air cushion pressure value;

4.12 pieces of debugging after commissioning into production;

4.13 die in the process of using, the operator should be carefully observed regularly, ensure the working parts of the mold and the guiding part without foreign bodies, such as punch, punch and die, blank holder, stripper plate, ejector, guide pin, guide plate, such as a foreign body should be immediately shut down, to be cleared after use, can restore the mold;

4.14 for blanking dies, operators should regularly check waste discharge and clean up in time;

4.15 auto mould after each use, the operator should maintain the mold surface wipe clean, clean up waste and other debris and limiter block back, put on the left die samples, then remove mold returns to storage.