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4 Opportunities and Challenges for Injection Mold Industry with the Emergence of New Energy Vehicles

The development of new energy vehicles (NEVs) presents opportunities and challenges for injection molding. NEVs require lightweight and high-precision plastic parts, driving innovation in injection molding processes. However, making injection molds for NEVs is costlier and technically demanding, and the market demand is uncertain. Injection mold makers need to innovate, collaborate, and diversify to succeed in this market and contribute to sustainable mobility.

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5 Common Plastic Resins Used in Injection Molding

After the cracking process, the compounds are formed into polymers, which can be combined to make the ideal plastic resin featuring the characteristics needed for the intended application. Once the desired resin is formed, it can be used in the injection molding process to create the desired products.

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An Introduction to Injection Molds

Injection molding is a highly versatile manufacturing process. It is used to create components in a range of shapes and sizes for various industries and applications. The process includes injection molding as a crucial step.

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