Main features of automobile panel

The characteristics of automobile covering parts include three aspects:

1: Process characteristics

(1) The stamping process is mainly dependent on practice, experience, and data accumulation. The stamping process for automobile panels is mainly produced by the long-term accumulation of production practice experience and accumulated data.

(2) The stamping process is a complex one. Because of its large size and complex shape, the cover is difficult to locate and move. As a result, the cover member is more complex to use, while the progressive die is rarely used.

(3) the basic process of punching, covering the forming process, trimming, and punching process of flaring and shaping.

(4) a press with a large working table and a relatively small nominal pressure. To prevent pressing of automobile part coverings, the work surface is generally larger to accommodate the structure’s relatively large size. Commonly used for closed four-point mechanical presses

2: structural characteristics

(1) large size: the car is a large industrial and consumer good. An automobile panel is a part that covers the engine and the chassis. The size of the structure depends on the size of the body.

(2), sheet-thin: parts of the plate’s covering are relatively thin to reduce car weight.

(3) complex shape: in order to meet the needs of function and aesthetics, automotive panels are generally composed of a combination of three-dimensional regular surfaces and irregular surfaces of composite surfaces.

(4) the expression of the model: as a result of the covering part being a solid surface, it is very difficult to fully express the shape and size of the automobile panel with a mechanical drawing.

3, quality characteristics

(1) high precision size: when the connection is a curved surface. natural, smooth transition. After the covering piece is overlapped with the covering piece, the two overlapping surfaces form a surface that is mutually bonded without a gap. The body should be a work of art for people to enjoy.

(2) The surface quality is strict: the automobile covering part directly reflects the appearance quality of the automobile.

(3) rigid structure: whether it is the cab of a truck or the body of a passenger car, the covering parts of the passenger car should have enough rigidity. In particular, no beam structure of the body parts, their strength and rigidity. A lack of rigidity will not only cause deformation of the entire body but will also cause the car to travel and make noise.

(4) Processing technology is good: a good process mainly refers to the feasibility of a stamping mold. The manufacturing process for automobile panels is more complicated. Stamping dies are quite expensive.

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