Diversified Production Capacity and State-of-the-Art Equipment

V1 boasts three mold making factories spanning over 15,000 square meters in Chang’an, Dongguan, and Wuhan. Each factory has its own specialized production capacity, including professional Production Workshop, Tooling Workshop, Detection Workshop, etc. Our factories are equipped with various state-of-the-art production equipment, including 12 sets of EDM machines, 11 sets of high-speed CNC machines, 4-meter-long CNC machines, two double-heads EDM machines, mold fitting machines, and more.

These factories are capable of producing a wide range of medium and large injection molds that cater to different industries. Our specialized factories ensure that we have the necessary equipment, machinery, and expertise to manufacture high-quality molds with precision and accuracy. Whether you need smaller precision molds for industries such as automotive, medical, and electronic appliances or larger molds for construction, transportation, heavy machinery, and larger electronic appliances, we have the capacity and capability to meet your needs.

Equipment Grade

Production Workshop

Tooling Workshop

Detection of the Workshop

Equipment list

EDM Machine

Sun (3010 LL / PNC/120A)X/Y/Z 4500*1800*6501HongKong
Sun (S540L PNC/60A)5401HongKong
Sun (S540 PNC/60A)5001HongKong
Sun (PNC S430)X/Y 400*3504HongKong
Sun (CNC S50)X/Y 500*4302HongKong
Sun (CNC S100)X/Y 1000*6001HongKong
Sun (2510 LL PNC/60A)X/Y/Z 3800*1800*6501HongKong
Sun(CNC1880)X/Y/Z 1800*800*7001HongKong

Drilling Machine

Accurate deep hole (DH-1300)X/Y/Z 1300*1000*13001China
Zhong Jie (Z3050*1611)X/Y/Z 500*1000*10002China

Milling Machine

Gao Zhe(M4S)X/Y 600*40030China

Grinding Machine

Kent (KGS-618M)X/Y 300*2006HongKong
Kent (KG3-7132AH)X/Y 600*4001HongKong

Laser Machine

Han's Laser (KTW200) 1china

Die Spotting Machine


IMM (All with Robot)

Injection Moulding Machine800 Ton(震雄)1HongKong
Injection Moulding Machine650 Ton(震雄)1HongKong
Injection Moulding Machine550 Ton (台中精机)1Taiwan
Injection Moulding Machine408 Ton(震雄)1HongKong
Injection Moulding Machine268 Ton(震雄)1HongKong
Injection Moulding Machine250 Ton(震雄)1Taiwan
Injection Moulding Machine138 Ton(震雄)1HongKong
Injection Moulding Machine75 Ton (NIGATA)1Japan
Injection Moulding Machine20 Ton (NISSEI)1Japan
Injection Moulding Machine30 Ton (NIGATA)1Japan
Injection Moulding Machine50 Ton (JSW)2


Check Machine


Sigma 785C 700×800×500




Easson Ev3020

Spec400 ×300×200