Have quality and quantity; we are a mold of high quality, according to a witness.

How many of the brands that you are familiar with are experiencing quality problems? The manufacturing industry requires a craftsman’s spirit; fancy packaging and cool as a marketing tool will not support long-sold products; product quality will always be the invariable core. Each mold in the quality management system is managed differently.

First, Wei a mold must issue orders in accordance with a strict quality assurance process in the implementation of the demand from the decision to review the product design. Deployment, design validation, raw material testing, processing production, mold assembly and test mode, a library, and after-sales tracking are all carried out in accordance with strict quality control standards, ensuring Wei a factory of each customer’s product.

To ensure product quality, the company orders from input to output design with strict planning and quality review, from receiving order evaluation to product evaluation to design review and design verification on a per-link basis, ensuring high-quality customer mold products, which, on the premise, can greatly reduce the mold design period.

Incoming quality and supplier management control: in order to ensure the quality of incoming materials, take on the purchase of goods inspection, supplier review, and periodic supplier evaluation of the three major measures. Following the supervision and statistics of the situation’s quality, new suppliers in their formal cooperation will be eligible for review prior to each month’s formal delivery.Support and guidance for suppliers with a little bit of quality

Manufacturing process quality management staff: in order to ensure the quality and safety of products, each employee strictly abides by the “three principles” (not to accept nonqualified products, do not produce substandard goods, do not flow out of substandard goods). Ensure that all aspects of the process, including programming, processing, and manufacturing, assembly, mold trial production, shipment arrangements, and so on, are under control.Realize the mold quality assurance, the mold quality verification, and the output quality control.

As professional precision mold manufacturers, we practice “survival quality” management for efficiency, reputation, and development, but only for perfect quality!


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