Design of automobile bumper die

Plastic bumpers instead of metal ones are the trend in automobile molding. The design of the plastic bumper mold mainly adopts two kinds of structure:

1: exterior fractal

2: internal fractal

The first structure is simpler than the die design, and the second structure is much more complicated than the first one in comparison with the mold structure and die strength.

But now that consumers are demanding more and more cars, the interior fractal, which was the only high-grade bumper used in the past, is gradually replacing the first structure.

Because the parting line is set on the B surface, if the conventional slope is introduced, the mechanism will be released after opening the mold. The interference between the counter of the fixed mold and the oblique pushing block will cause damage to the die when the mold is opened. Therefore, avoiding the collision between the oblique and fixed modes becomes the key point of design.

In general, the following points solve it:

1. When the mold opens, the inclined top block is synchronously launched; that is, when the die is opened, the hydraulic pushing plate is pushed to maintain the relative position between the pushing plate and the fixed mold.

2, the use of product deformation, through the oblique block blocks in the horizontal slider, the end of the internal pull, through the end of the slider at the end of the guide to control the stroke, so that the end of the part from the fixed mode barb

3. Open the mold so that the product and fixed die can separate.

4, continue to push out, and through the lateral slider at the end of the guide rail, control lateral sliding outward movement so that product deformation is reset.

5, and finally continue to push up until their products are completely removed.


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