Technical Capability

V1 injection mold factory, rigorous program design, 96% of the molds can be mass production in one trial run

Analysis: By analyzing the physical properties of materials and the feasibility of products, such as wall thickness, deformation degree, glue feeding position, etc., we can pre-judge potential problems in advance.

Communication: We keep close communication with customers and stand in their dimension to understand the functional requirements and considerations of the products, such as the requirements of bonding line, appearance surface, etc.

Design: Strict design review system and check list, before design, program structure discussion design, designers according to the check list self-check; after design, review with the manufacturing department.


V1 injection mold factory, each link quality inspection, advance detection of mass production problems

Source inspection: from material, processing, final molding, each link quality inspection, find problems in advance

Process inspection: each item has a set of quality inspection report, easy to trace, appearance surface requirements, etc.

Complete documents: each steel material is imported from Germany and the United States, and can provide the original factory certificate


V1 injection molding factory, weekly progress report, so that customers know the status at all times

Dedicated follow-up: Each project is equipped with a project manager, who strictly follows the schedule to control the project cycle

Dynamic update: Through V1OMS cloud order system, you can view weekly progress report and mold photos for each project, so that customers can know the status at all times.

Online acceptance: online mold trial video is provided to let customers understand the mold operation