Project Management

Project Management - Communication is the key to efficiency

The company has set up an efficient project management team to manage every stage of project operation. From mold making to product production complete documentation management, maintaining effective communication with internal and external company and good control of the mold production process. Each project is followed up in real time by experienced project engineers. Their responsibilities include: providing professional advice to customers, participating in project management, making and implementing technical decisions. We develop detailed production schedules for each project and are involved in mold design, mold making, mold trials, production and shipping. This enables the customer to keep abreast of the production status of the molds and to make questions, suggestions and requests at any time.

Project Management - V1 Cloud-based Order Management System(OMS)

The company is equipped with oms management system tailored to the production characteristics and production process of the mold manufacturing industry. The whole system takes the management of the mold production process as the core, and aims at ensuring quality, reducing cost and shortening the mold production cycle, and reducing communication cost. Through simple operation, we can make the relevant technical personnel, complete the effective management of the mold production process, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

Patented Software-V1 Cloud Order Management System

The entire production process is transparent and visible, allowing for effective and immediate communication.

Transparent and visible production and strict quality control processes are essential to meet your needs.

With V1 ’s independently developed cloud-based data sharing, every detail of product production is visible at a glance, just as if you were personally involved.

You are able to view the progress of your project online at any time and communicate with us in real time to make timely production adjustments.


1、Why Develop And Use The System

# Project Plans  Customize project plans and break down projects to visualize work plans and execution progress at a glance so that project stakeholders can have a clear picture of the project.

# Resource Management  Helps project stakeholders, clarify resources and provide a solution for efficient completion of the project to deploy resources to achieve the goals effectively.

# Project Management  Faced with a large number of order items, the ability to quickly manage projects has a direct impact on factory productivity and even costs. Through digitalization, multiple projects can be operated efficiently.

# Project Delivery  Each project delivery must be inspected strictly according to the customer's requirements, and the results of the inspection are instantly available online, eliminating the need for the customer to worry about product inspection.

# Analysis and Reporting  Through digital analysis and reporting, factories can continuously improve their production processes and increase production efficiency and quality. Planning beforehand and reviewing afterwards for improvement are the production principles we always adhere to.

# Workflow Automation  The system incorporates the work experience we have accumulated over the years to automate the process. This has greatly improved our production efficiency and made us more environmentally friendly and labor-saving.


2、Project Management System (PMS)

Digital production management solution for part machining. We are using V1 to develop project plans, coordinate teams and manage part manufacturing schedules and processes. Full-cycle parts project tracking and control, with borderless communication between companies and customers.


3、Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)

Supply Chain Management System, centralizes a series of businesses such as customer sourcing, orders, delivery and financial transactions, digitally manages the whole business process, builds efficient supply chain collaboration within and between companies, and reduces corporate communication and operational costs. Improve supply chain efficiency, so that every business is accurate and under control.