Equipment Grade
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Corresponding mold production capacity:

The maximum tonnage we can manufacture is 3500 tons. The minimum is 20 tons, 45-50 sets/month, 400-500 sets of molds/year (based on 550 tons of mold conversion.) The maximum IMM (injection molding machine) within the V1 factory is 800 tons, and if it exceeds 800 tons, there will be a 3500T molding machine airlifted to correspond to a trial mold at the test center near V1.

Processing equipment.
In 2009, we purchased a 4-meter CNC processing machine.
Name: PWR-L2214-H2
X/Y/Z: 4000*2000*1400
From: Taiwan

In 2009, we purchased a 3m CNC machine
Name: PWR-L2213-H2
X/Y/Z: 3000*2200*1000
From: Taiwan

In 2017, we purchased a double-head spark machine
X/Y/Z: 4500*1800*650
From : Hong Kong

2021 purchased double-head sparking machine
X/Y/Z: 3800*1800*650
From : Hong Kong

In 2010, we purchased a flying die machine
Fitting machine 320T

Injection molding machine:800T molding machine 
Injection molding machine:650T molding machine 
CMM(DUKIN)3-dimensional detector
Height Gauge
Easson Ev3020 Projector







CNC  Machine  
PWR-L2214-H2X/Y/Z 4000*2000*14001Taiwan8000RPM
PWR-L2213-H2X/Y/Z 3000*2200*10001Taiwan8000RPM
PinnacleX/Y/Z  2000*1300*13001Taiwan8000RPM
VTECX/Y/Z  2600*1600*11001Taiwan10000RPM
XK857P-H1X/Y/Z 800*500*7002Taiwan8000RPM
BF600B-H1X/Y/Z 530*600*2501Taiwan8000RPM
SAKER-V10LX/Y/Z  1000*700*6001Taiwan15000RPM
SAKER-V14LX/Y/Z  1400*700*6002Taiwan15000RPM
RK2000SX/Y/Z  2000*900*6001Taiwan8000RPM
FANUKX/Y/Z  500*300*2002Japan24000RPM
FANUKX/Y/Z  1000*600*5002Japan24000RPM
Total 15  
EDM Machine  
Sun (3010 LL / PNC/120A)X/Y/Z   4500*1800*6501HongKong 
Sun (S540L PNC/60A)5401HongKong 
Sun (S540 PNC/60A)5001HongKong 
Sun (PNC S430)X/Y  400*3504HongKong 
Sun (CNC S50)X/Y  500*4302HongKong 
Sun (CNC S100)X/Y  1000*6001HongKong 
Sun (2510 LL PNC/60A)X/Y/Z  3800*1800*6501HongKong 
Sun(CNC1880)X/Y/Z   1800*800*7001HongKong 
Total 12  
Drilling Machine  
Accurate deep hole (DH-1300)X/Y/Z 1300*1000*13001China 
Zhong Jie (Z3050*1611)X/Y/Z  500*1000*10002China 
Total 3  
Milling Machine 
Gao Zhe(M4S)X/Y   600*40030China 
Grinding Machine  
Kent (KGS-618M)X/Y 300*2006HongKong 
Kent (KG3-7132AH)X/Y  600*4001HongKong 
Total 7  
Laser Machine  
Han's Laser (KTW200) 1China 
Die Spotting Machine 
IMM / (All with Robot)
Injection Moulding Machine800 Ton1HongKong 
Injection Moulding Machine650 Ton1HongKong 
Injection Moulding Machine550 Ton 1Taiwan 
Injection Moulding Machine408 Ton1HongKong 
Injection Moulding Machine268 Ton1HongKong 
Injection Moulding Machine250 Ton1Taiwan 
Injection Moulding Machine138 Ton1HongKong 
Injection Moulding Machine75 Ton (NIGATA)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine20 Ton (NISSEI)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine30 Ton (NIGATA)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine50 Ton (JSW)2Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine50 Ton (TOYO)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine55 Ton (JSW)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine75 Ton (SUMITOMO)1Japan 
Injection Moulding Machine140 Ton (NISSEI)1Japan 
Total 16  
Check Machine 
CMM(DUKIN)Sigma 785C 700×800×5001KoreaPrecision(0.5um)
Easson Ev3020Spec400 ×300×2001SwitzerlandPrecision(0.001)
Total 3